Schlicht/Stucco colorful Primer

Schlicht/Stucco colorful Primer

Copolymer styrene acrylic white solvent base penetrating walls primer

White flexible primer solvent base and mineral turpentine thinned for exterior walls. Especially strong with a unique molecular structure that seals from penetration of water and moisture in and let vapors out, though enabling the wall to breathe. Strengthens the infrastructure and creates a smooth, white, strong and sturdy preparation layer for painting on top Denbertex super/textured coating. Is suitable as a primer layer for water or oil based paints, and also suitable as a primer layer for exterior high build spraying that can withhold a weight of up to 5 Kg per square meter. Seals and conceals minute cracks. Used as a connecting primer in a multi-layered color system.

Schlicht/Stucco colorful Primer.

Schlicht/Stucco colorful Primer.


  • Flexible and conceals over minute
  • Viscous and fills in cracks and
  • White colored and creates a white preparation layer for continuous
  • A perfect primer for painting walls with water or oil based
  • Strengthens any cement or stone infrastructure even if it is
  • Seals perfectly and also allow the surface to breathe; repels moister and prevents it from
  • Has excellent adhesion
  • The high level of its adhesion allows high build
  • Obviously and immediately stops rain
  • Easy
  • Penetrates deep into the wall and creates
  • Dries
  • Repaint able in the same
  • High coverage


  • Used as a primer armor layer for deteriorating
  • For strengthening the infrastructure before
  • To paint on peeling and crumbling
  • Used as a primer layer for water, oil based and other types of
  • To seal buildings from rain
  • To whiten and reduce the heat in the summer (concrete roofs).
  • To conceal minute cracks in problematic
  • Universal primer on any old paint before top painting with any paint.

Technical specifications:

  • Theoretical coverage area: 10 square meters per liter.
  • Effective coverage area for exterior walls: 200-250 per square meters.
  • Calculated coverage area for none-smooth walls: 4-5 per liter.
  • Flexibility: 1 mm (Sheen)
  • Density: 2-1.3 gm/cm3
  • Viscosity: 20,000 cPs (Brookfield)
  • Hardness: > 3 Dg (Erichsen)
  • Erosion: 120 microns 1560 cycle (BYK Gardener) ASTM
  • Recommended coat thickness: 200 microns (wet)
  • Recommended of layers: 2


  • Special acrylic styrene
  • Melamine,
  • Special flexibility
  • Deep penetration
  • Solvents,


  • Any according the schlicht.


  • Matte

Touch-dry time:

  • 30 ( avoid Over spraying)
  • If dust is formed add a

Drying time period between layer applications:

  • 4 Final: 6 hours

Application methods:

  • Brush, spray or
  • First layer: It is recommended spraying at a pressure of 5 Second layer : roller
  • For perfect sealing: Spray on top of the top coat Zarvan or Siloxane 290


  • Mineral
  • Brushing/Rolling: 10%- 20%
  • Spraying: First layer – 30%; second layer – 5%

Surface preparations:

  • Clean the surface thoroughly from all dust, grease dirt and loose
  • Spray water at a pressure of 150 and let it dry.
  • Polish with
  • Fill large holes, cracks and dents with Denber acrylic Schpachtel.
  • Polish and smooth out the surface before painting.

Primer layer:

  • The paint is a penetration primer.


  • 5 liters, 18 liters or 200


  • In a shaded and cool place at room temperature with appropriate ventilation.
  • Keep lid tightly close.

Shelf liife span:

  • 12 months in its original package.

Equipment cleansing:

  • Use mineral turpentine or D-99 thinner after

Quality control:

  • In factory laboratories according to specifications.
  • COA and COC certificate.
  • ISO 9001-2015

Schlicht/Stucco colorful Primer