Thermal isolation Thermoseal 200 energy saving in green construction


Energy savings in the structure of the missing link in green construction – thermal insulated paint – Thermoseal 200

Thermal Insulation Thermoseal 200 Energy Savings in Green Building

In the new era – “green”, modern construction is forced to change many customs from the past and build “green buildings” that save energy. Construction reflected in the use of environmentally friendly materials that will enable maximum energy savings. Insulating the walls and roofs for heat in summer and cold in winter is a first-rate argument for energy savings.ו

Description of current solutions on the market and identification of the missing link – thermal insulated paint.

In Israel, electricity consumption in buildings is estimated at 70% of electricity output, which is about 40% of the initial energy. Much of the energy consumption in these buildings is the result of the use of mechanical means to heat, cool and light spaces in buildings of various uses, including office buildings, educational buildings, health institutions, tourist buildings and public buildings. ו

It also found that about 30% of electricity consumption in Residential Buildings in Israel is used to operate mechanical means of heating and cooling cavities, another 14% originating from illumination of spaces using artificial lighting. Thus it emerges that although one of the main functions of the residential building is to produce favorable living conditions for its occupants, we too often need mechanical means to create such comfort conditions. For example, we use air conditioners to merge space and sometimes even ventilation, artificial lighting to light it, and gas or oil furors to infly it. Much of this energy consumption can be added by adopting the principles for bio-climate planning, and our modest contribution to this – thermal isolation paint “Thermoseal 200” – which will reduce these expenses. ו

thermal-isolation-thermoseal-200-energy-saving-in-green-construction, Energy savings in the structure of the missing link in green construction – thermal insulated paint

thermal-isolation-thermoseal-200-energy-saving-in-green-construction, Energy savings in the structure of the missing link in green construction – thermal insulated paint

Thermal Insulation Thermoseal 200 Energy Savings in Green Building

A survey conducted among potential customers tells us that customers want a simple way to save on electricity/energy expenses at home, a solution of thermally insulated paint on the walls of the house (internal and/or external) can cause significant lowering of temperature differences (at least 10 degrees), the solution is easy to implement, very fast and at a relatively low cost. ו

Energy saving structure: The following is a list of different options that participate in energy savings in the structure, the possibilities are divided into new construction and existing construction. ו

New construction:

Electricity – operating devices according to remote instruction or regular timing. Lighting – lighting (artificial/natural). ו

Water – solar heating, a treatment to improve the quality of water used for watering plants and a garden. ו

Air conditioning – automatic operation and control. ו

Walls and windows.

Building design – using natural lighting and natural lighting. ו

Thermal Insulation Thermoseal 200 Energy Savings in Green Building

Existing construction:

insulation on the walls of the house – internal and/or external. ו

Cost-effective lighting – LED (energy efficient and slightly energy emissions). ו

Constraints required: The list of constraints below is the minimum required of the solution to meet competition with existing solutions in the market. Failure to meet these constraints significantly detracts from the attractiveness of the solution. ו

  • That won’t change life’s habits, negatively. Customers should not be required to get used to the solution – the solution must be integrated into the customer’s lifestyle. ו
  • That wouldn’t require a destructive installation. The solution must be integrated into an existing building with minimal damage to the aesthetics of the house. ו
  • Reasonable cost (per person from the community). ו
  • Installation by expert or by user. ו
  • Simple and inexpensive maintenance. ו
  • Compliance with standardization (safety, etc.). ו

Analyzing customer needs: The following is a list of needs raised by potential customers through surveys:

  • Cheap to implement. ו
  • Simple to implement. ו

Listing of technologies available on the market: The following is a list of insulation technologies currently available on the market, according to three groups:

  • rigid insulation panels. ו
  • flexible insulation panels / foams. ו
  • thermal plaster / thermal dye additives. ו

Thermal Insulation Thermoseal 200 Energy Savings in Green Building

Thermal insulation – a method of testing thermal conductivity of materials: Israeli standard 5450 establishes a testing method that defines the use of a protected heating board method to measure heat transfer in a fixed state, using test samples made of flat panels, and the calculation of their heat transfer properties. This method is a basic method of measuring heat transfer properties, because measurements of length (model thickness), temperature, and electrical power are required only. Install from August 2007, Patch Sheet No. 1 from April 2016. ו

What are the applications for insulated paints? The applications for insulated paint are when you don’t need high insulation values and thin enough insulation layers. This is mainly in the case of the walls of the house, the roof, and metal surfaces – isolated panels, which are not currently insulated, here the first few millimeters of insulation provide the highest energy savings (relatively) and the repayment time is fastest. These applications have the advantages of insulating coating compared to traditional insulation material and are the faster and easier application (especially in complex geometries such as tin/concrete/wavy asbestos in roofs/walls), better mechanical resilience and greater humidity resistance. Thick traditional insulation a few cm thick is not necessary, not possible, too expensive to install or has problems with moisture/corrosion. ו

Thermal Insulation Thermoseal 200 Energy Savings in Green Building

Easy to install – anti-condensing coating; the formation of condensation on cold surfaces can be significantly reduced by a relatively thin coating. ו

Insulation in a humid environment; Because of their hydrophobia, the insulation performance of the insulated paint rarely breaks down due to moisture, while traditional insulation materials like rock wool lose their insulation performance when they get wet. ו

Reducing corrosion in isolation; the coating eliminates the ability to collect moisture on a substrate below the insulated color and therefore reduces the probability of corrosion under the paint. ו

Thermal Insulation Thermoseal 200 Energy Savings in Green Building

  • Applications of thermal insulation to the roof (including roofs with bitumen sheets and iskorit roofs) – the material also seals, white and returns 75-85% of the sun’s radiation (excellent on black bitumen sheets that exist in each concrete roof) and insulates them at the same time a black shade of the sheets is a brown hamster, white as opposed to brown repellent. ו
  • In iskorit roofs – a thin metal sheet tin that transfers all the heat and creates an unbearable warm atmosphere, here the material already in a thin layer will give significant insulation, even the wave shape of the roof is not a problem because the material spreads on any formal infrastructure and it is its tremendous advantage that with polystyrene such a roof cannot be expected due to the bumps of the iskorit and also that attaching it should drill screw holes that will later suffer leaks. ו
  • Cool and freezing rooms – With polyflex thermoseal you can apply a relatively thin layer of insulation to an existing floor, allowing for comfortable entry and exit without height differences, using the Styrofoam floor in such a case is not possible for a number of reasons: the polystyrene will not withstand the weight of the journey of forklifts for example and will play very quickly, as well as it will cause a height difference that will make it difficult to enter and exit the forklifts and can make carts with their contents possible. ו
  • Interior walls – It doesn’t make sense to glue thick polystyrene plates on interior walls, here it is better to use insulated paint. ו

A house whose walls are coated with Thermosil 200 paint – in an infrared test, heat is emitted only through openings that are not painted in an insulated paint. ו Thermoseal 200 denber paints

Thermal Insulation Thermoseal 200 Energy Savings in Green Building

Another visual inspection: 3 cans where boiling water sees the difference in insulation level. ו Uncoated can on the right at Thermosil 200. Can in the middle of one layer of Thermosil paint 200 brush – about 100 micron dry, can left – 3 layers of Thermosil paint 200 – about 300 microns dry. ו

This abbreviated article was written by Dr. Belan Ivgenia of Denver Paints & Coatings Israel Ltd. ו For the full article and research work can be contacted by e-mail: or in Tel: 050-3551551

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