Denber – floor coating using epoxy and polyurethane – find out what is suitable for you epoxy floor or polyurethane floor

Types of floor coverings:

  1. Epoxy – (polyapoxide) is a thermostatic polymer that polymerizes with a polyamine hardener in epoxy systems for non-volatile casting. At the end of its hardening it forms a hard mass and very hard to withstand abrasion and scratches. The material is used for a wide variety of them, for coating floors and work surfaces, stair coatings, and also for various castings, including tables and jewelry. Its high hardness even allows it to be machined. 100% solid floor epoxy flooring.
  2. Polyurethane – This is an amazing material in its flexibility and rigidity, in the production options, the stability of the material in the production that can come in the form of paints, casting and spreading liquids, thick pastes in hundreds and thousands of applications in a variety of fields.
    Polyurethane foam can be hard as steel, can be crushed as a sponge padding, shielded and guarded like lacquer, bouncy like rubber wheels or sticky like glue.
  3. Hybrid Polyurethane Epoxy – A combination of epoxy and polyurethane allows for an advantage, thus maintaining the strength of the epoxy with the flexibility of the polyurethane.

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