Varnish for wood. How to choose the right varnish for wood

Our wood products, parquet, finishes, pergolas, wind boxes, garden furniture, wooden railings, wooden stairs, wooden fences, walls and wooden ceilings, etc. all provide the house with beauty and a warm atmosphere, all require proper and regular care to maintain beauty and integrity.

Wood is sensitive to weather damage and especially to rain (moisture causes decay and mold) and direct sun (dries and cracks), wood floors in addition to all these are also susceptible to abrasion.

Proper care and varnish coating for the right wood will extend the life of the wood and preserve its beauty and integrity over the years. Continue reading

Thermal isolation Thermoseal 200 energy saving in green construction


Energy savings in the structure of the missing link in green construction – thermal insulated paint – Thermoseal 200

Thermal Insulation Thermoseal 200 Energy Savings in Green Building

In the new era – “green”, modern construction is forced to change many customs from the past and build “green buildings” that save energy. Construction reflected in the use of environmentally friendly materials that will enable maximum energy savings. Insulating the walls and roofs for heat in summer and cold in winter is a first-rate argument for energy savings. Continue reading

מדריךצביעהלכלישייט דנבר צבעים וציפויים

 מדריךצביעהלכלישייט דנבר צבעים וציפויים

צבע לסירה מדריך צביעה לכלי שיט דנבר צבעים

מדריך זה נועד לצביעת אוניות, ספינות, ספינות דיג, סירות, דוברות, יאכטות, סירות מפרש

וכלי שיט עשויים פלדה

חדשים או במצב הדורש הסרת כל הצבע הקודם

אוניה מגרק גוף פלדה נצבעה פעמים מספר בצבעי דנבר

אוניה מגרק בצבעי דנבר צבעים

הכנת שטח: שטיפת לחץ מים גבוה להסרת כל מלחים ולכלוך. ניקוי חול לדרגה SA-2.5   או ליטוש במברשות פלדה לדרגה ST-3 , פני השטח צריכים להיות נקיים ויבשים מכל אבק, לכלוך, שומן ו/או צבע רופף. כיסוי במסקינג טייפ חלקים שלא לצביעה (מעקות ניקל/כרום, חלקי עץ, האנודות וכו’). יש להימנע מ over-spray בזמן ההתזה הנובע מלחץ גבוה מדי ו/או מרחק התזה גדול מדי ו/או מחוסר במדלל בתערובת.

מערכות הצבע המומלצות לצביעת חלקי כלי השיט לאחר ניקוי חול/ליטוש: Continue reading

Sealing the floor

Sealing the floor of the balcony, terrace from rain

Sealing the floor of the balcony, terrace from rain

When a neighbor under our sunny terrace or balcony, exposed to rain, complained about water seeping through the porch flooring, dripping on it and dripping from the ceiling, swelling and peeling paint – The phenomenon is very common, and the options for sealing the floor are as follows:

  1. Raise the entire floor, peel off the old covering and seal the new sheet, re-tile and apply a trowel, etc.
  2. Apply clear top sealant to the floor.

Continue reading

Crystal epoxy resin for tables

Crystal epoxy resin for tables

Crystal clear transparent epoxy used in the decorative production of tables, jewelry, sculptures, and art objects is a unique material in the epoxy family with the lowest yellowing tendency of all epoxy types in existence. Can be cast in thick layers and gives the appearance of clear glass. Hence the name epoxy-crystalline. Suitable for pouring into open molds or filling voids. Low viscosity and, consequently, convenience and ease of use when casting, lack of foreign odors, gives an aesthetic and decorative appearance to molten and cast glass. Continue reading

Fire resistance of houses, hardwood and parquet floors, decks

Fire resistance of houses, hardwood and parquet floors, decks

Wood is such a popular raw material from times to the present day, it has been and is still used to build houses, make furniture, floors, vessels and much more …

A wonderful material that is easy to process and assemble, it has one significant and significant drawback, wood is a flammable material.

How to keep wood from fire?
Denber Paints manufactures a wide range of fire retardants, fire retardant paints and varnishes, and flame retardants for wood, fabric, cardboard and steel protection paints. Continue reading

Thermosil Polyflex

Thin floor nano-coverings for industrial refrigerators and freezers

Thin floor nano-coverings for industrial refrigerators and freezers

Many food and pharmaceutical business owners are forced to keep storage facilities for food and medicine in refrigerators and freezers. A large and well-equipped refrigerator is required to keep all food and medicine at the required controlled temperature. Most will be industrial refrigeration and freezer rooms with industrial sized refrigerators. In order for a cold store to be used in accordance with all the needs of a business, company or organization that owns an industrial cold store, it often requires professional advice from a specialist in the field, who carefully plans the structure of the cold store, floor coverings, and all the space safety requirements will be included in the planning. When everything is adapted to the conditions and needs of the business or organization. Continue reading

benefits of epoxy floors

Epoxy floors – Benefits of epoxy floors

Epoxy floors – Benefits of epoxy floors

Professional epoxy flooring made from 100% solid epoxy leveling flooring is not only one of the best options for your business or factory, but also the best option by far from the competition. This is such a successful flooring that you should read all the sections that we talk about in detail in this article to understand the benefits of epoxy floors – their level of long-term pot life and suitability. Continue reading

Fire retardant paint - Denberkril Antiflame

Swelling paints for steel protection against fire – Fire retardant paint

Swelling paints for steel protection against fire – Fire retardant paint

Denber Paints and Coatibgs Israel Ltd. has been approved by SABS laboratory in South Africa as a fire retardant steel product manufacturer after developing fire retardant paint; Proven fire retardant paint.

Certified product fire retardant paint – Denbercryl Antiflame for coating and protecting steel from fire in buildings. The SABS laboratory is one of the leading laboratories in the world licensed to carry out such tests – performed with a load of 60 tons on steel columns – and is an Isotest recognized laboratory. Continue reading

concrete restoration at the Yad Kennedy site

As part of the restoration of buildings – concrete restoration at the Yad Kennedy site

Denber Projects has completed a renovation of the Canadian Hand Monument. Yad Kennedy is a memorial site to US President John F. Kennedy, established west of Moshav Ora and Moshav Aminadav in the Jerusalem mountains. The shape of the site is unique: it is built as a felled tree trunk, next to symbolize the assassination of the beloved American president. Denber specializes in the field of building restoration and offers a variety of effective and quality solutions. Continue reading