Denber – Company profile

Denber Paints and Coatings Israel Ltd.
develops, manufactures and distributes
paints, coatings, and sealing materials.
These include all ranges of decorative paints, epoxy
coatings, polyurethane sealants for roofs and
buildings, fire retardant paints and coatings for
road signs and marking.

  • Brief History

    Denber Paints and Coatings Israel Ltd. is located
    in the Sderot Industrial Zone in Southern Israel
    and is managed by Dr. Evgenia Blen and Baruch
    Kogan, who both have 30 years of experience in
    the paints, coatings and sealants sector.

  • International Standards

    The company has ISO 9001: 2000 certification according to Israeli and international standards and
    MIL SPEC approval for the US Army and defense
    industries in Israel. Denber Paints and Coatings
    Israel is an authorized supplier to Israel’s Ministry
    of Defense and manufactures aircraft paints and
    paints for other military needs.

  • Global Marketing

    The company markets products in Israel through
    wholesalers to all technical retail outlets, while
    most products are manufactured for export. The
    company has specialist expertise which is unique
    in Israel for fireproof paints and coatings.

  • Products

    Range of paints for buildings diluted with water;
    Coatings for buildings diluted with water tough/
    flexible; Sealing systems for roofs, shelters and
    cracks; Paints and coatings for buildings diluted
    with turpentine and anti-graffiti; Synthetic base
    paints for metals and special single components;
    Decorative water-based paints with synthetic top
    coats and special paints; A range of transparent
    lacquers for wood; Paints for wood, furniture
    and buildings; Paints for road signs, sports fields,
    swimming pools and light reflective signs; Epoxy
    paints; Epoxy and polyurethane coatings for floors;
    Epoxy paints and coatings for ships; Painting systems for especially difficult conditions and ships;
    Protective paints for fire and high temperatures;
    Pesticide paints; Radioactive and chemical warfare
    resistant paints; Power protection paints and
    coatings; Electricity insulating paints; Conductor
    and anti-static paints; Electrolysis paints for metals;
    Vehicle paints; Diluting paints; Additives for
    cement/concrete; Powered products for buildings,
    iridescent textures, wash paints, quartz colors and
    flakes; Paint and soot remover, hand cleaning solutions
    and soaps, glues, passive materials, iridescent
    metal coatings, fats removers, rust remover,
    rust converters.

  • R&D

    The company has an R&D department engaged
    in developing exceptional source and solutions
    for customer’s needs such as paints for extreme
    temperatures, fireproof paints according to standard
    755, level 5 and 931 and British standard
    476, anti-graffiti coatings against glues and paints,
    polyurethane paints against radon gas, anti-corrosion
    paints, light and UV ray paints.
    The company provides clients with consultancy
    and credible, quality service with many years
    Denber Paints and Coatings Israel has skilled staff
    for implementing complex work with sample
    products, supervision and implementation.
    Denber is the only producer in the world of polyurethane floor coating that is stronger than any
    epoxy. פתרונות שיווקיים