Thermal insulation Denber developed an innovative solution for thermal insulation works

Thermal insulation of the kitchen of the Meir hospital

Thermal insulation Denber developed an innovative solution for thermal insulation works

Nano floor insulation 

Description of the problem:

Thermal insulation of refrigerators and freezers rooms was essential in the kitchen of Meir Hospital (Israel), where thousands of visitors are served daily. Each room in the facility is set to a different temperature, depending on the type of food stored in it. Facility workers use trolleys on wheels to move products. The height of the fixing of the refrigerator compartment shelves should be the same on each floor so that the carts can safely and easily exit and enter any cold store from the kitchen.

The problem was that the floor height of the refrigerators and freezers was not lowered to provide conventional thermal insulation, which is usually done with glass wool, and requires a relatively large thickness to be installed. The floor height of the refrigerator and freezer compartments was the same as outside.

Nano floor insulation 

Denber’s solution:

Denber Paints has developed an innovative thermal insulation solution.
Since a thick thermal insulation mortar could not be applied, production was problematic, Denver Paints and Coatings Israel Ltd. developed a thermal insulation material based on Polyplex thermosil material, produced using nanotechnology.

Denber CEO Baruch Kogan says: “This thermal insulation material, which only we have in Israel – one to two millimeters thick, provides thermal insulation like 5 cm of glass wool. We used this material to fill the floor of the cold rooms with a thickness of 5 mm and created a high-quality replacement for the thick thermal insulation, which could not be used in this case due to the increase in the floor height of the refrigerators and freezers. ”

Baruch, added that the project is of great importance for the hospital, as poor thermal insulation in refrigerators and freezers means the release of cold and the loss of a large amount of energy, as well as the penetration of cold into the lower floor of the building and the appearance of strong condensation, due to which water drips onto lower floor. Condensation causes mold to grow on the ceiling below.

Nano floor insulation 

What the customer says:

According to Eli Perlov, Chief Engineer of the Israel Health Insurance Fund Clalit: “The work done by Denber was characterized by a high level of professionalism, meticulous execution and high technical compliance with full agreement with the customer and his full satisfaction. I approached Denber in great despair and received an answer to the stringent requirements for thermal insulation and high tightness. ”

About Denber:
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Nano floor insulation 

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