Powders for constraction

Arodor Floor abrasive grains

Arodor Floor abrasive grains. Abrasive grains additive for smoothed floors in industrial floors while pouring.

Carborundum Silicon Carbide granular

Carborundum Silicon Carbide granular. Additive to increase resistance to abrasion of concrete and epoxy floors and to spread against skidding

68550025 KG
Concrete powder Red color

Concrete powder Red color Red pigment for concrete to obtain red-brown concrete,  red color powder for concrete in casting – red oxide

Flexible Acrylic colorful Schlicht wall coat

Flexible Acrylic colorful Schlicht wall coat, decorative coating paste for interior/exterior walls coating in decorative texturesand sizes.

Hydro plug gray silica powder for concrete casting

Hydro plug gray silica powder for concrete casting Abrasive powder for concrete strengthens and improves concrete quality

Pigment powder Brown 640

Pigment powder Brown 640 Foundry concrete color powder – brown pigment 640 For gliding the helicopter brown color

Pigment powder color black

Pigment powder color black Foundry concrete color powder – black pigment powder 318 Color for gliding the helicopter

Pigment powder color blue

Pigment powder color blue Foundry concrete color powder – blue pigment powderfor smoothing the helicopter concrete

Pigment powder color green

Pigment powder color green Foundry concrete color powder – green pigment powderGreen for pouring smoothed concrete

Pigment powder color red brown cast concrete

Pigment powder color red brown cast concrete Concrete color powder for casting by dispersing or adding German red pigment 130

Pigment powder Mustard yellow

Pigment powder Mustard yellow Foundry concrete color powder – mustard yellow pigment powder 920Yellow color for gliding the helicopter

Pigment powder white

Pigment powder white Titanium dioxideFor spreading during smoothing or for inserting into the concrete mix

Quartz Malan Grout filler

Quartz Malan Grout filler. QUARTZ sand filler in several sizes; 0,1-0,3, 0,4-0,8, 0.8-1.2, 1,5-2,5 mm. www.denber-paints.co.il ……….

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