Siloxan 290 polysiloxan sealer

Siloxan 290 polysiloxan sealer

Siloxan 290 polysiloxan sealer.

Siloxan 290 polysiloxan sealer.

Clear siloxane penetration primer, water repellent for impregnating wallsfloors  for deep humidity wall isolation.

Clear liquid based on clear siliconic siloxani that has a small molecular structure that enables deep penetration and absorption into the wallfloor without changing the natural look of the surface. Penetrates deep into the infrastructure strengthening and sealing it. Creates a clear layer that seals and enables breathing that is repaintable if desired. Protects plaster, natural and artificial stone, cement, marble, mosaic and granulitic walls, all types of tiles; terracotta, marble, granite and cement from water and dirt penetration. Strengthens, seals and improves erosion endurance.


  • Penetrates deep into the infrastructure and strengths it.
  • Seals and enables breathing.
  • Prevents rain penetration into all types of floors and walls.
  • Clear and doesnt changes the surfaces natural color. Isnt sticky after it dries.
  • Prevents old walls from continuous deterioration and prevents crumbling cement of granulitic floors.
  • Enables painting walls with Denbetex and Denbergloss. Has strong resistance against alkali materials.
  • Has erosion endurance for granulitic floors, tiles and etc. Endures UV rays.


  • Excellent clear seal for walls and buildings that are made from plaster, cement, natural stone that are exposed to the rain.
  • Protects antique and historical buildings.
  • Coats roof tiles.
  • Seals gaps in open balcony tiles.
  • Seals marble, granite, and ceramic tiles in walls and floor.
  • Seals work surfaces in kitchens.

Technical specifications:

  • Theoretical coverage area: 8 sqm per liter for smooth surfaces. It is emphasized that it is required to spray or spread while the Sealer is still wet until the surface can’t absorb any more.
  • Flexibility: 1 mm (SHEEN)
  • Density: 0.95 gmcm3

Surface requirements:

Type of surface Cover area per liter (sqm meters)
Chalk stonePlasterCement





Sorav 4-6
Jerusalem stone 5-7
Silicone stone 3-4
Sulfate wall 4-5
Roof tops terracotta 6-7
Gravel 3-4
  • Viscosity: 30-40 CPS (Brookfield)
  • Rigidity: 2 Dg (ericson)


  • Siloxanesealan silicone.
  • Solvents, additives.


  • Clear


  • Silk


  • 2-4 hours.

Drying time period between layer application:

  • 6 hours. Final:  12 hours. Step able: 24-72 hours according to the width and temperature.

Effective water repelling  at:

  • 16 hours. Maximum repellent ability after 7 days.

Application  methods:

  • Spray, roll and brush.
  • When rolling or brushing it is required to repeat the process a number of times until reaching full wetness capability of the surface.
  • When spraying it is required to spray until reaching full wetness capability of the surface.


No dilution needed, spray at low pressures.

Surface preparations:

  • Clean walls and floors with water pressure, natural walls clean with at least 150 atm.
  • Dry and repair the walls or floors if required.
  • Floor tiles gaps should be opened with a suitable tool such as a knife or screwdriver.(also in tiled and marble walls)
  • Fill the gaps with a grout.
  • After waiting 2 days apply the Siloxane 290 on the clean and dry surface. Shake well the Siloxane 290 container before use.


  • 5 liters or 18 liters.


  • In a shaded and cool place at room temperature.

Shelf lilfe span:

  • 12 months in its original package.

Equipment cleansing:

  • Use mineral turpentine immediately after usage.

Safety precautions:

  • Not eatable, keep from the reach of children.
  • Flammable, keep distant from heated areas, fires, flames, and sparks Wear protective glasses, gloves and suits.
  • Check that there is enough air while applying.
  • In case of an injury immediately get doctors assistance.


  • Dont mix with other substances that are not recommended by us.
  • Dont apply while it is raining.

Quallity control:

  • ISO 9001-2015
  • In our factorys laboratories under these standards.

Siloxan 290 polysiloxan sealer.

Safety precautions:

  • Not eatable, keep from the reach of children.
  • Flammable, keep distant from heated areas, fires, flames, and sparks. Prohibit smoking in the work area.
  • Check that there is enough air while applying. In case there is not enough air, uses ventilation according to the ventilation table.
  • Wear protective glasses, gloves and suits.
  • Avoid direct contact with the paint and thinner from the eyes and skin. In case of contact, immediately wash thoroughly with water.

In case of an injury immediately get doctors assistance. Read the safety instructions on the labels.


  • Dont mix with substances and materials that were not recommended by us. Dont apply if the temperature is under +7°C.
  • Dont apply if the humidity is over .80%
  • When applying wit Airless, do not aim it at anybody a direct hit could be fatal at pressures between 150 and 300 atm.
  • Read thoroughly the technical data of the product listed in this section, confirm that everything is understood completely, for clarification contact our tech. department.
  • All information that is listed in this content is a recommendation only and do not apply in a court of law, the costumer must confirm that this product is compatible with his equipment and needs. The information listed in this section is according to laboratory environment which the substances were tested. At a 25°C room temp and 65% humidity.
  • The recommendations listed do not hold any responsibility for this product.
  • Theoretical and actual coverage are different concepts, the actual coverage is affected by the required width of the layers, required number of layers, painting conditions and the amount of paint absorbed in the air before touching the surface.
  • The information listed in this section is based on experience and accumulating data, which has Denber inc., the right to change the information listed at any time without any note in advance. Paints that have been in stagnation could have their qualities change by up to .20%


  • Storage room temperature 15°C to 25°C.
  • Pot Life : The amount of work time possible with the two substance mixture (epoxy , polyurethane) in the time of mixing A +B components of the paint , without spoiling the qualities of the paint and disqualifying the paint from usage. Some paints life spans can be increased by freezing the mixture. Spray: It is possible to spray with a sprayer that has a container holding the paint that sprays it with air pressure.
  • Airless: a device that puts pressure an the paint with a piston that compresses the air that creates powerful pressures that can reach 100 atm.. Dant aim the spray of paint at anyone.
  • Surface preparations: the levels of cleanness are determined by international standards. Cleansing sand and surface preparations are critical in order to get optimal results of adhesion of paint on the surface. These standards are equally compared to the standards of the Swiss SA, the German-DIN, the U.S SSPC SP for each standard on any level there are indicators that are for purchase in order visually compare in the field between the cleansing of the surface and the indicator.

Quality inspection:

  • Before painting large surfaces it is vital to first apply on a small surface and certify that the paint is compatible and meet the level of satisfactory.
  • Laboratory testing was according to the standards institution specifications.
  • This “Data sheet” given as an noncommittaft information , the product above recommended for proffesional painting specialists. The information is not substitute to guidance.

Siloxan 290 polysiloxan sealer