Epoxyden Schpachtel

Epoxyden Schpachtel

Paste trowel for fixing and filling and smoothing walls and floors from concrete and metal

Epoxyden Schpachtel. www.denber-paints.co.il

Epoxyden Schpachtel. www.denber-paints.co.il

A two component thick powerful epoxy paste, 100% solids, suitable for fixing, filling, leveling and smoothing surfaces made of cement or metal, including for ceramic tiles and porcelain as well as for different types of covering stone on concrete infrastructure, such as black blocks, cement plaster, natural stone etc.

The product is suitable to apply both in Interior or exterior paneling, and fit to apply on most materials including ferrous and nonferrous metals like aluminum, glass, wood, marble etc. and excellent to fill the gaps between them regardless to the actual thickness. Easy to apply, no solvents no smell emitted! Resistant to corrosive atmosphere as well as to common in use chemicals such as kerosene, oils sewage etc.

Suitable   for applications under the water with scuba divers.         


  • Has excellent adhering ability to concrete, stones, metals, ceramics, blocks, epoxy and other types of materials.
  • Contains 100% solids, contains no evaporating solvents or water.
  • Thick layer High pressure endurance and load capacity.
  • Rust
  • Suitable to spread on repaired and welded
  • Appropriate for filling and
  • High mechanical
  • Erosion
  • Durable in extreme humidity conditions of salty sea water and sweet
  • Has oil, fuel and grease
  • Has acid and diluted alkali
  • Multi-layer applicable.
  • Durable in dry heats of up to 200°C on short periods of time and up to 150°C for long periods of
  • Ready to


  • Amendments peeling of external and internal peeling parts of ships that are above and below the sea’s water
  • For repairing and sealing external and ‘internal industrial sewage pipe
  • For repairing and alignment elements and fragments of concrete walls in preparing for painting.
  • For repairing and for maintenance treatments for metal and concrete bridges in urban and in extremely moist environments over
  • For repairing fuel and oil tanks and
  • For electric, coal and atomic stations
  • For maintenance repairs in paper
  • For repairing and maintenance treatment at dams, reservoirs and pipe
  • For repairing and maintenance treatment in pumping stations, pumps and
  • For maintenance treatment at coal potassium and chemical
  • For maintenance treatment for chemical industries and metal
  • For maintenance treatment for industrial chemical tanks that have overflows and leaks cause from chemical
  • For sealing and filling large cracks in buildings, facilities and metal and concrete equipment that are located near the

Technical  specifications:

  • Theoretical coverage: 1 sqm per liter for a 1 mm thickness
  • Recommended vertical layer thickness: 5 – 2 mm each layer.
  • Recommended horizontal layer thickness:
  • Bases-hardener volume mixture ratio: 2:1
  • Amount of solids – 100%.
  • Flame point: Base at 255°C, hardener at l66°C (DIN 53213)
  • Density: 3-1.6 gm\cm3 (DIN 51575) hardener: 2-2.2
  • Hardness: >10 Dg (Erichsen) (over 60 DIN 53153)
  • Flexibility: film 120 microns -4-6 mm (SHEEN). (720% N\mm2DIN 53456)
  • Flex-resistance: 5 N\mm2(DIN 53452)
  • Viscosity: 3-4 sec (HAAKE)
  • Adhesion to steel – 215kg per square (over 1.5 N\mm2DIN 53151-B)
  • Adhesion to concrete: stronger than the Cracks are formed while it stretches.
  • Adhesion to aluminum: 180 Kg per square
  • Stretch dexterity: 600kg per sq
  • Pressure dexterity: 800kg per sq
  • Impact dexterity: 8 Dg/mm2•
  • Flex potency: 30 N\mm2
  • Waiting period before applying: no need
  • Life span after mixture: 30-45 minutes
  • Final erosion: 120 micron dry film -4,500 cycle (BYK Gardener)
  • Erosion endurance: 66 mg lose under the ASTM 4060 (120 micron film, CS-17 roll, 100 gram load, 1,000 cycles)
  • Flexibility in drag – 10% N/mm2(DIN 53457)
  • Drag resistance: 3 N/mm2 (DIN 53455).


  • Special and enriched epoxy resin
  • Chemical endurance
  • High quality pigments and fillers, absorbing and erosion durable


  • Concrete shade, Gray, black and red\brown.


Touch-dry time:

  • 4 hours in the summer 12 hour in the Dries in air.

Wait time period between layer applications:

  • In the air: 24 Final 16-24 hours. Under water: 3-4 days, finally hardens: 5-6 days.

Application methods:


  • No dilution

Surface preparations:

  • The surface must be clean from dirt, dust and It is possible to scrub the surface with a steel brush to remove all the dirt, rust and lose paint until receiving a hard and clean surface. When applying on boats which have passed under water welding it is require to remove all the debris and the dirt.

Primer layer:

  • Epoxyden Primer improves adhesion and rust
  • Epoxyden floor primer – penetration deep in the concrete.
  • Epoxyden wash primer – for galvanized steel.
  • Epoxyden stronzium chromate – for aluminum.
  • Epoxyden primer 450 for wet surfaces.


  • Clean the surface according to the “surface preparations” .
  • Open carefully the two parts of the Epoxyden Schpachtel
  • Pour the required amount according to the base to hardener ratio 2:1 and stir well until a homogeneous solution is form, pour to other can and mix well again.
  • Spread a thick layer of 5 -2 cm thickness.
  • The mixture is valid for 30-45 minutes of work
  • After that period of time wash the equipment with dilution to prevent the epoxy

Pot life of mixture:

Temperature 1 liter ‘A’+’B’ mixture
10°c 60 minutes
15°C 45 minutes
20°c 35 minutes
25°C 30 minutes
30°C 25 minutes
35°C 20 minutes



  • Does not contain any solvents so that a medium amount of air is


  • 6+12 =18 liters, 5+5=7.5 liters, 0.5+1= 1.5 liters.


  • Store in a shaded place, at a temperature of between 15°C-32°C with proper ventilation.
  • Keep lids tightly closed.

Shelf life span:

  • 12 months in its original

Equipment cleansing:

  • Use D-4\100 thinner immediately after

Quality control:

  • In factory laboratories according to specifications.
  • COA and COC certificate.
  • ISO 9001-2015

Epoxyden Schpachtel