Antifungus liquid concentrat Fungus extermination.

Antifungus liquid concentrat Fungus extermination.

Bactericidal and fungicidal agent

Antifungus is a blend of alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides suitable for a variety of microbicides functions.  A perfect walls and wood walls rot preventing. Penetrate deep and prevents rotting from humidity and insects repellant. 

Antifungus liquid concentrat Fungus extermination.

Antifungus liquid concentrat Fungus extermination.


CTFA nomenclature:

  • Benzalkonium Chloride.


  • Clear, water dilution concentrat 1;5 with water.
  • Very efficient anti-bacterial agent,
  • Prevents mold, fungus, on walls.
  • Prevents rotting of wood after impregnation and drying.
  • Prevents bad smells in under land facilities and humid places.


  • On walls with fungus/mold beforepainting with Cacterinol.
  • Wooden walls preservative by sprayin/roller and drying.
  • Humid walls in winery production facilities, cellars etc. to prevent bad smells, mold etc.
  • Air-condition systems to eliminate bad smells.

Specifications/technical data:

  • Color – colorless, slightly yellow
  • Odor – characteristic
  • Active content – 80 + 1%
  • Free amines and amine hydrochlorides – max. 2%.
  • pH, 2% in distilled water – 6-8
  • Alkyl chain distribution – C12 = 40%, C14 = 50%, C16 = 10%

Application methods:

  • Diluted with water and with spray, brush or roller spread on the wall.


  • With water 1:5 – 1:10


  • 5 liter polypropylene canister, 25 liter polypropylene canister.


  • In cool and shaded place in room temperature with appropriate ventilation.
  • Keep lid tightly closed.

Shelf life:

  • 24 months.

Safety precautions:

  • Inedible, keep away from the reach of children.
  • While applying, good air ventilation is important. In case there is not enough air, use ventilation according to the ventilation table.
  • Wear protective glasses, gloves and suits.
  • Avoid direct contact of the denbersept 80% with the eyes and skin. In case of contact, immediately wash thoroughly with water.
  • In case of an injury immediately get doctors assistance.
  • Read the safety instructions on the labels.
  • See M.S.D.S


  • Don’t mix the product with materials which were not recommended by us.
  • Don’t apply if the temperature is under +5°C.
  • When applying with Airless, do not aim it at anybody a direct hit could be fatal at pressures over 150 atm.
  • Read thoroughly the technical data of the product listed in this section; confirm that everything is understood completely, for clarification contacts our tech. department.
  • All information that is listed in this content is a recommendation merely and cannot be applied in the court of law.
  • The costumer must test & check that this product is compatible with his equipment and needs.
  • The information listed in this section is according to the laboratory conditions (temperature, humidity etc.) which the products were tested.
  • The recommendations listed do not hold any responsibility for this product.
  • Theoretical and actual coverage area are different concepts, the actual coverage is affected by the required thickness of the layers, required number of layers, painting conditions including the amount of paint which spread in the air before touching the surface.
  • The information listed in this section is based on experience and accumulating data, Denber inc., has the right to change the information listed at any time.
  • A product that have been in stagnation or exposed to air more than needed could have their qualities changed.


  • Storage room temperature 15°C to 25°C.
  • Pot Life: The working time which is possible to a mixture of two components, A+B (or more) without spoiling the qualities of the product or disqualifying the product as “out of use”.
  • Spray: It is possible to spray with a sprayer that has a container holding the Denbersept 80% that sprays it with air pressure.
  • Airless: a device with a piston which compresses the air for spraying paints. The pressure might be high (over 100atm.) Don’t aim it at anyone
  • Surface preparations: the level of cleanness is determined by international standards. Surface preparations, including cleansing sand blasting, is important & critical factor in achieving an optimal result for painting adhesion on a certain surface. These standards are equally compared to the standards of the Swiss SA, the German-Din the U.S SSPC SP For each standard in any level there are indicators, for sale, in order to make visual comparison between the cleansing of the surface and the indicator.

Quality inspection:

  • Prior to the painting on large surfaces it is important to test the product on a small area, to be sure that the paint is compatible with the level of satisfactory.
  • Laboratory testing was made according to the standards institution specifications.
  • This “Data sheet” given as noncommittal information, the product above recommended for professional use specialists. This information is not a substitute to personal guidance.
  • You must read the MSDS safety instructions before you start working with the product.

Antifungus liquid concentrat Fungus extermination.