Tutgum zinc/chromate


Synthetic metal primer 70o/o rich zinc- on special polymers. Synthetic high quality anti-corrosive paint that creates protection of rust and galvanized layer on the metal. Used as an excellent primer for metal and galvanized tin. This paint must be covered with a top layer of synthetic, Phenolic or chlorinated rubber paint.



  • High
  • Prevent rust development for long
  • Excellent adhesive to metal infrastructure.
  • Fast dry, Easy to
  • Creates protection galvanized layer for
  • Creates cathodic
  • Used as a substitute to hot


  • Primer for metal and galvanized before top
  • For fixing defective
  • For painting in sea environment as a
  • For painting in chemical
  • For protecting metal structures and permanent equipment to sea

Technical data:

  • Theoretical surface coverage- 1 liter/15-18 m 2 .
  • Recommended layers number- 2, layer thickness: 25-35
  • Possible layer thickness in one spray- 125

o Flexibility- 1 mm (SHEEN).

o Viscosity- 1-2 Pa.Sec (HAAKE).

  • Density- 2-2.5 gr/cm3.

t1 Toughness- 3 Dg (Erichsen).


t1 Special synthetic polymeric resins.

  • 70% pure
  • Pigments, Dryers
  • • Thinners and additives.







  • 0-30 minutes (Avoid spraying with Overspray). (If formed dust Retaradr must be added).

Dry Between Layers:

  • 2-4 hours, Final: 6


– 2 –





Implementing  Method:

,. Brush,roller, Spray is recommended.


,. Brush and roller- 5-25% mineral Turpentine.

  • Spray-.15-25% mineral Turpentine, 3-4 pressure.
  • Airless- 5-10% mineral Turpentine, 4-5 pressure, nozzle0.018″. Surface preparation:
  • Removal of rust and grease until getting white

1• Mechanical-   Steel brushes.

  • Chemical- Rust- Degreaser 3000, Grease- Degreaser

11 Sand cleaning- Level 2.5 SA. Packing:

  • 1, 2.5, 5 and 18 liters.


  • Store in well shaded place, room Shelf Life:
  • 6 months in original package.

Tools Cleaning:

  • At the end of the application with D-18 Thinner or Mineral Safety:
  • Not edible, keep far from reach of

o Keep working in well ventilated room.

o Use protective clothes, glasses and gloves.

o Incase of injury wash with water and seek for medical treatment.

  • Flammable -keep far from heat centers and


  • Do not mix with other materials that wasn’t recommended by us.

Qualify Inspection:

  • At our factory’s labs according to the standard institute