Denbergloss Clear Lacquer

Denbergloss Clear Lacquer

Denbergloss Clear (Direct gloss)

Acrylic polyurethane UV resist lacquer

Denbergloss Clear Lacquer.

Denbergloss Clear Lacquer.

Super high quality – Clear high gloss external use lacquer, very durable for hard demands, for coating cars, airplanes, marine vehicles, wood and concrete floors.


  • High erosion endurance
  • Endures
  • Endures chemicals (cleaning materials)
  • Durable in solvents.
  • Washable and repels
  • Flexible yet also
  • UVresistant, resistantto exterior harsh environment conditions and freezing.
  • Fast Multi-thickness.
  • Very strong shine that lasts for many
  • Resistance toheatand cold.
  • Endures mechanical
  • Smooth finish and tough.
  • Quick drying.
  • Does not containcadmium, lead, and chromates.


  • As top layer for airplanes, cars, marine vehicles, floors.
  • As top protective layer for external walls in buildings.
  • For UV protection of signs, external epoxy coats and paints.
  • For coating concrete and wooden floors.
  • For coating metal and wood objects.
  • For valuable antique
  • For paintingaccessories & parts & elements in atmosphere saturated with chemicals or solvents vapor.

Technical specifications:

  • Part 1 –can be easily blended manually for smooth and uniform solution is 5 minutes.
  • Part II – to be transparent and clear.
  • Storage durability – 24 hours in 570 C without sagging.
  • Theoretical coverage area: 10-15 sqm per
  • Base-Hardener ratio: l:2 = 50%
  • Recommended number of layers: 2
  • Recommended layer thickness: 35-40 microns (dry)
  • Recommended wet thickness for every layer: 60 mic (wet)
  • Viscosity: 4-0.8 Pa.sec
  • Density: 9-1.1 gm/cm3
  • Flexibility: 1 mm (SHEEN)
  • Percentage of solids in the base (section A): 66%
  • Hardness – >10 Dg < (Erichsen)
  • Abrasion – 120 microns – 3600 cycles (Gardner)
  • Pot life – work time period after A+ B mixture: 4 hours
  • Distilled water resistant 24 hours – without losing adhesion or corrosion inspected 1 hour after pooling out of the liquid.
  • Carbons resistance – without losing adhesion inspected 1 hour after pooling out of the liquid.
  • Resistance to oil 1250 24 hours at 121OC- without losing adhesion inspected 4 hours after pooling out of the liquid.
  • Resistance to hydraulic oil 24 hour in 66OC – without losing adhesion inspected 4 hours after pooling out of the liquid.
  • Jet fuel resistance – 7 days in room temperature- without losing adhesion inspected 4 hours after pooling out of the liquid.
  • Heat resistance durability – 121OC for 60 minutes. No color shade changes up to Delta E = <
  • Humidity cell durability – 30-day 100% humidity temperature 49OC – without losing adhesion or damage to the film 1 hour after the release of the liquid.
  • Salt spray chamber – with no rust.
  • Thermal shock – without losing adhesion.


  • High quality acrylic polyurethane polyol.
  • Part b – aliphatic isocyanides UV durable, special mixture.
  • Solvents enrich with glycols and acetates
  • Additives that improve quality and


  • Crystal Clear.


  • Shiny, matte,

Touch-dry time:

  • 30-60 minutes

Drying time period between layer applications:

  • 30 minutes wet on wet or 8 Final: 8 hours.

Application methods:

  • Spray, Airless, roller, brush.


  • Spraying, brushing: 25%-35% D-11
  • Airless: 20%-30% D-11 4-5 atm. Nozzle 0.015”

Equipment cleansing:

  • Use D-11 thinner immediately after

Surface preparations:

  • Thoroughly clean the

Primer paint:

  • Steel: Epoxyden primer antirust
  • Wood: Isolation.


  • 35+1.65=5 liter
  • 5 liters + 5 liters of hardener = 7.5 liters.
  • 18 liters + 9 liters of hardener = 27


  • In a shaded and cool place at room temperature with appropriate ventilation.
  • Keep lids hermetically sealed.

Shelf life span:

  • Lacquer: 24 months in its original
  • Hardener: 12 months in its original

Quality control:

  • In factory laboratories according to specifications.
  • COA and COC certificate.
  • ISO 9001-2015

Denbergloss Clear Lacquer

Safety precautions:

  • Inedible, keep away from the reach of children.
  • Flammable – keep distant from heated areas, fires, flames, and sparks, prohibit smoking in working area.
  • While applying, good air ventilation is important. In case there is not enough air, use ventilation according to the ventilation table.
  • Wear protective glasses, gloves and suits.
  • Avoid direct contact of the paint and/or thinner with the eyes and skin. In case of contact, immediately wash thoroughly with water.
  • In case of an injury immediately get doctors assistance.
  • Read the safety instructions on the labels.
  • See M.S.D.S


  • Don’t mix the product with materials which were not recommended by us.
  • Don’t apply if the temperature is under +7°C.
  • Don’t apply if humidity is over 80%
  • When applying with Airless, do not aim it at anybody a direct hit could be fatal at pressures over 150 atm.
  • Read thoroughly the technical data of the product listed in this section; confirm that everything is understood completely, for clarification contacts our tech. department.
  • All information that is listed in this content is a recommendation merely and cannot be applied in the court of law.
  • The costumer must test & check that this product is compatible with his equipment and needs.
  • The information listed in this section is according to the laboratory conditions (temperature, humidity etc.) which the products were tested.
  • The recommendations listed do not hold any responsibility for this product.
  • Theoretical and actual coverage area are different concepts, the actual coverage is affected by the required thickness of the layers, required number of layers, painting conditions including the amount of paint which spread in the air before touching the surface.
  • The information listed in this section is based on experience and accumulating data, Denber Inc., has the right to change the information listed at any time.
  • Paints that have been in stagnation or exposed to air more than needed could have their qualities changed.

Denbergloss Clear Lacquer