Thin floor nano-coverings for industrial refrigerators and freezers

Thermosil Polyflex

Thin floor nano-coverings for industrial refrigerators and freezers

Many food and pharmaceutical business owners are forced to keep storage facilities for food and medicine in refrigerators and freezers. A large and well-equipped refrigerator is required to keep all food and medicine at the required controlled temperature. Most will be industrial refrigeration and freezer rooms with industrial sized refrigerators. In order for a cold store to be used in accordance with all the needs of a business, company or organization that owns an industrial cold store, it often requires professional advice from a specialist in the field, who carefully plans the structure of the cold store, floor coverings, and all the space safety requirements will be included in the planning. When everything is adapted to the conditions and needs of the business or organization.

The design of the floor is of paramount importance, as the floor must be abrasion-resistant, frost-resistant down to minus 50 degrees, insulated to prevent cold from flowing through it, and if the floor is the tenant’s ceiling below, to prevent condensation and water ingress on the neighbors below, creating mold , fungus, bad odor and water condensation that interferes with storage or operation. Denber Paints in Israel produces nano flooring for refrigerators and freezers with a total thickness of 5 mm that meets all these requirements. The product is called Thermosil Polyflex.

Refrigerating chambers

Currently, there is a wide range of organizations, businesses and institutions that need to store goods in commercial quantities for a certain period of time, including medicines or any agricultural products, meat products, poultry, dairy products and frozen products. In addition, canteens of large government institutions such as nursing homes, hospitals, etc., which need a lot of food on a daily basis, will need industrial refrigerators.

Constructing an industrial refrigeration room to suit the specific refrigeration conditions will require the advice of a refrigeration engineer and an extensive team specialized in the design of electrical equipment and all other elements that make up such a room.

When planning all the components that will occupy a room and adapting them to the size and conditions of the building itself, it is important to plan the capacity of the cold rooms to match the amount of goods stored in industrial cold rooms. In addition, each industrial cold store will have a motor located on the outside of the building, so that the heat exiting the motor is rejected outside into the fresh air. And of course, the choice and design of the appropriate floor.

Ideal solution for large enterprises

The cold rooms also serve the IDF faithfully, with entire battalions of soldiers in need of food! Soldiers are often outdoors or in training, so refrigerators designed to store food such as meat, vegetables, and dairy will be ideal for soldiers. In addition, large companies and food chains that distribute goods throughout the country will need to have refrigerators that can accommodate the entire volume that the organization or chain will sell across the country.

Containers that end up in cold stores to load goods must also be stored in cold stores to keep the goods fresh and not damaged during transit. For medicines, medicines stored in industrial refrigerators must be stored in a similar manner prior to the distribution phase in various pharmacies in the country.

Refrigeration chambers occupancy

Cold rooms will not be enough if they do not have all the necessary equipment suitable for the goods you want to store, such as refrigerators, flooring suitable for the room, etc. It is important that the refrigerators that will be adapted for these rooms are exclusively for industry and had an appropriate cooling volume and temperature. There are many people who are working on organizing cold storage rooms that will ultimately make a room efficient and practical for any organization, business or network, and will allow any body jewelry to be stored securely.

Cold store floors

Industrial refrigeration chambers should be convenient and especially practical, serve the user in the most comfortable and efficient way, but above all it is important that they are safe. Consequently, floors in cold rooms must also adapt to the conditions and temperatures that exist in cold rooms. Thermal insulation is needed that can ensure the cleanliness and aesthetics of the room, prevent people in the refrigerator from slipping, and also prevent the formation of bacteria, which are the product of mold, etc. surfaces for industrial refrigeration rooms.

Today there are modern and advanced nano technologies for floors with a total thickness of 5 mm, which provide an ideal thin solution for cold and freezer floors, which provide a smooth surface for entry and exit, smooth and cold and deep freeze down to minus 50 degrees.

One of the first in the country to use nanotechnology floors for cold storage and freezers was Denber Projects, which has built hundreds of such floors with great success over the past decade.

The Denber method eliminates the need to lay out concrete floors and insert thick insulating trays and heaters, and also allows a cooling room to be built on any existing floor without having to decide where to place the cold room and how to thicken the existing floor so insulating trays can be inserted.

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